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Sophie Marceau’s major wardrobe malfunction

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

There are celebrities who don’t need a second telling to show their tits in public, like Bai Ling or Kendra Wilkinson. But there are some celebrities who get disgraced with real, unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, like Sophie Marceau. Either way, we still win, because we see titties popping out, whether involuntarily or not.

In Sophie Marceau’s case, this is probably one infamous wardrobe malfunction caught by one lucky paparazzo. During a Cannes Film Festival in France, while standing in the midst of other French celebrities and personalities, Sophie Marceau’s gown stabbed her in the back and slid off her left shoulder, promptly displaying a very clear view of her left titty. She only realized her boob was crowd surfing a second later, hastily tugging her sleeve back up, with a look of horrific amusement at what just occurred.

You probably had to be in some sort of half-coma not to feel your gown skidding down your shoulder and feeling a draft harden your nipples, but I guess Sophie Marceau was too busy scanning the crowd and looking for a martini bobbing along a waiter’s gait to notice anything. You could tell she wasn’t doing this for some dirty publicity stunt, because the look on her face looked real and priceless. But more real and priceless than her reaction are these photos of Sophie Marceau’s wardrobe malfunction caught and saved just for you.

Blowjob pictures of Sophie Marceau exposed

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

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Never-before-seen hardcore sex photos of Sophie

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

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Sloppy cumshot pictures of Sophie Marceau

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

If you think this lovely international French actress gets to take off her clothes on the big screen without batting an eyelash, then what would you say if we show you these bunch of pictures of Sophie Marceau doing something “out of the ordinary” and I mean it’s more than just her tits, ass and pussy that you’ll be seeing here… we have discovered these sleazy cumshot pictures of Sophie as she gets photographed by someone after a good, long round of intense fucking until these unknown guys started to plaster her pretty face and almost her entire naked body with fresh, sticky cum trickling down all over her. Each glory shot photo is packed with hardcore intensity as the naughty Sophie Marceau enjoys getting doused with their creamy cargo and all of ‘em are captured in full vibrant detail!

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